Why You Should Opting for Curly Hair Extensions Instead of the Straight one

There are a lot of kinds of hair extensions that will help you look beautiful such as curly hair extension and the straight one. These are some reasons that you should choose curly hair extensions.

Curly hair extensions could be hard to work

1. People are willing to provide curly hair is far more challenging than sourcing straight hair, and therefore to perfect curls or waves in hair extensions, they're put in artificially. It's quite rare that you would come across curly hair extensions with are 100% natural.

2. With this reason, curly hair extensions are far more heavily processed than the straight one, resulting natural hair will not last as long, as is more prone to problems such as dryness and tangling.

3. Like the hair extensions began as straight (natural wave hair) and have become curly hair through perming, any attempt to straighten or alter the shape would cause the curly hair to slowly lose its hold, so you will be defined to wearing the curly hair at many times in order for them to last as long as reasonable.

4. The much more you brush, straighten and blow-dry the hair extensions, the looser the curls would become, and the most uncontrollable you would find the hair to be.

5. Finally, the curly hair will be lost all, and the hair extensions would be left with a natural hair state of fizziness. It means you will need to either straighten them, curl them to provide a clean look.

6. Because of the additional treatment, the spice of curly hair extensions is higher nowadays.

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